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A free to play strategy card game set in the Lovecraft universe

Call of Myth is a card game where your decisions and strategy is a key to your victory. Start from choosing a faction, seek support of the legendary creatures like Cthulhu and fight other players. Weave the forbidden spells, trigger events on the battlefield - find your own playstyle and use all your mastery to win.

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Choose your way to win

Cast spells, use old grimoires and summon monsters from the ocean depths. Crush the army of your opponent and be victorious.

Momentous characters of Lovecraft’s works

Cthulhu and Herbert West, Nyarlathotep and Professor Armitage, Shub-Niggurath and Randolph Carter as well as plenty of other momentous characters of Lovecraft’s works.

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A unique madness mechanic

A death is not the only menace for your creatures. They may lose their mind and go insane. You can decide what is more important – to smash your foes with a brute force or break their will first. The choice is yours.

Choose a Leader. Find your style

Each Leader has unique active and passive abilities. Depending on the strategy you prefer each leader can achieve its potential in many different ways.

All cards are important

Common cards are the base of each deck, they form its playstyle. Use them to create a new tactic and add Unique and Legendary cards that will introduce special interactions and hard but rewarding plays into the game.

Premium cards are expression of your experience

Premium cards demonstrate experience and skill of their owner. The more you use a certain card the faster it becomes premium.

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Discover the factions

Greatest minds of Miskatonic university and horrifying acolytes of secret cults. Doomed residents of Carcosa and immortal Deep ones. Explore the charmingly frightening world of Myth.



Get assistance of the greatest minds that are capable of teaching your creatures and revealing their hidden abilities.
Apply the wisdom of the ages accumulated in the libraries to find a solution for any challenge your opponent gives you. And if it wasn’t good enough – come to the Dreamland to seek support of allies you’ve never seen before.


Old Ones

Old ones are a faction that relies on strength and brute force to crush their enemies. Lead into battle monstrous creatures that can regenerate seemingly fatal wounds in no time.
Bring the gigantic waves upon the heads of your foes to plunge them into the abyss of insanity. Sometimes a brute force will not be sufficient but it’s within your power to summon dreadful birds Shantack and deadly broods of Yig to turn the tide of the battle.


Outer Gods

Outer Gods rely on interactions of cards and effects tricking and misleading their enemies, offering to strengthen your creatures and to play genuinely incredible combinations.
Use magic to change your disciples and empower them with new, sometimes unpredictable abilities. Poach the opponent’s creatures and turn your foe’s cards against them. Come up with a devious plan and use it to prevail.

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